Gross Domestic Product: Banksy’s Online Store in Croydon

Gross Domestic Product: Banksy's Online Store in Croydon

Normally, when people want to buy artworks, they head to the galleries or art auctions straight away. However, when it comes to street art and Banksy in particular, things become much knottier. The British street legend Banksy is known for his meticulously masked anonymity and avoidance of publicity. Moreover, most of his works are not for sale and have never been officially sold by the artist. As an exception to the rule, Banksy did open the store to sell his merchandise once, but it was not an ordinary store because it was online. What was the reason behind Banksy’s online store, and how did the whole venture end? Let’s find this out!

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Banksy and NYC: Street Artist’s Murals in the Big Apple

Banksy and NYC

Though Banksy is believed to be a UK-based graffiti artist, his art does not have a nationality. Banksy’s murals are dispersed all around the world, massively contributing to the timeless problems of humanity and separate cultures in particular. One of the most renowned destinations remains New York City. Banksy and NYC are, in fact, tightly connected. The Big Apple brims with Banksy’s rats and some artworks strongly commenting on capitalism, greed, real estate, morality, and other crucial topics. While many of his murals remain untouched, some of them were once in a menacing danger.

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Rats in Street Art by Banksy

Rats in Street Art by Banksy

One of the most paramount keys to understanding street art by Banksy is to scrutinize rich and expressive symbolism deeply rooted in his art murals. At the end of the day, the symbolic nature of his art is by far the very reason why people adore the anonymous street genius and continue to keep track of his artistic progress.

If you have been acquainted with Banksy’s street art for some time, you must have noticed that there is one thing that the artist likes to depict the most: rats. Rats are an inalienable part of his work because they are attributed not only to the artist but also to the whole human culture.

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Banksy’s 3 Most Iconic Murals

Banksy's 3 Most Iconic Murals

The list of Banksy’s works comprises a myriad of out-of-the-box murals and installations devoted to a range of social, political, and cultural topics. However, one cannot be so sure whether a new mural around the corner was created by Banksy or someone else. Here is the main downgrade of Banksy’s limited publicity: it is hard to count all the murals by the British elusive street artist. Still, we have a sufficient number of brilliant artworks to mull over. Today, let’s look at the three most iconic murals by Banksy and embrace the unparalleled art of the genius street artist one more time.

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The Walled Off Hotel — Banksy’s Bizarre Art Project in Palestine

The Walled Off Hotel — Banksy’s Bizarre Art Project in Palestine

Banksy is widely known for his catastrophic inability to be punctual. His work emerges like a bolt from the blue, and even the savviest visionaries cannot predict what and when will come next from the anonymous street legend. In 2017, Banksy flabbergasted the global audience with another bizarre art project bearing the title “The Walled Off Hotel,” which, in fact, was not a title of a street mural — it was a real hotel. How, you may ask, is it possible? Well, let’s find it out.

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