Banksy Robot Art: Futuristic Art in Disguise

Banksy robot
Photo credit: Banksy’s Instagram page/@banksy

Banksy wouldn’t be Banksy if his street art was contextually empty and semantically straightforward. Most, if not all, of his murals promote a certain message and hence are ideologically charged. Sometimes, the image refers to politics, and sometimes, it is an appeal to society. To convey ideas, the street artist uses certain symbols in the shape of different things. You must have noticed the abundance of rats in street art by Banksy, but there is one more element to consider — robots. Banksy robot art is not a frequent occurrence, but it is important for the perception of his work.

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Is All Banksy Art a Brand? Giving Input into Banksy Fame

All Banksy Art

Who would have thought two decades ago that an anonymous street artist from Bristol would become an icon of street art? Without exaggeration, Banksy is omnipresent. His works are auctioned at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, his name is featured by the most prominent newspapers and magazines, while his art has achieved global recognition. In other words, Banksy has grown into a cultural phenomenon, but there is one question that bothers many Banksy fans. Is all Banksy art just a brand?

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Saving Banksy: How People Protect Street Art from Vandals

Saving Banksy: How People Protect Street Art from Vandals

Protecting street art from vandals sounds like an oxymoron, but when it comes to Banksy, things get a bit more complicated. It is a well-known fact that many Banksy murals now exist only as pictures on the Internet, considering the fact that a lot of the artist’s works have been either overpainted or completely destroyed. However, some people take a different approach and protect the artworks from the savages. How is society saving Banksy? And does it make sense?

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Banksy New Art Confirmed in Norfolk and Suffolk, England

Banksy New Art
Photo credit: Banksy /

On August 13, Banksy confirmed his latest artworks in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, England, on his official Instagram page. Banksy new art was first discovered by the locals approximately on August 6, but the official confirmation was given only several days later. It has been a five-month reprieve since the elusive artist created and presented something new. Now, he calls his new series of artworks “A Great British Spraycation.” So, what is it about?

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Top 4 Most Famous Banksy Conspiracy Theories

Famous Banksy Conspiracy Theories

Every time new Banksy work appears, people irrevocably start bringing up the topic of Banksy’s true identity. It just so happens that the persona of the British street artist is so viral that there is no place to hide from it. The whole situation is especially favorable for the newspapers and other media that successfully capitalize on his name. But the most bizarre part of this is when people come up with theories about who Banksy is. In this blog post, we want to highlight the most famous Banksy conspiracy theories as of today so that you can avoid them.

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