Wynwood: A Haven of Miami Street Art You Absolutely Must Visit

Wynwood: A Haven of Miami Street Art You Absolutely Must Visit

Miami is one of the most vibrant places in the world, not only because of its cultural diversity but also because it is quite literally dotted with street art. Inspired by the street art culture in New York City, the Miami graffiti artist community created their unique style and identity that cannot be replicated by anyone else. If you are planning a trip to Miami and already looking forward to beach time and trying delicious local cuisine, consider adding the Wynwood Art District, one of the most colorful artistic neighborhoods in the world, to your schedule. Here is our guide to the world of Miami street art.

Wynwood: a haven of Miami street art you absolutely must visit

About the Wynwood Art District

The Wynwood Art District is located in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. It was founded by a group of art dealers, artists, and curators with the goal of creating a walkable space where each street corner is filled with artwork. Unfortunately, many galleries and museums were forced to leave the neighborhood due to high rent prices. Nevertheless, Wynwood continues attracting street art enthusiasts, preserving its title as the artistic center of the city.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls, an outdoor mural museum, was opened in 2009. Spanning six buildings, it became a space where some of the most prominent street artists in the world left their mark. With street art legends like Kai, Lady Pink, Miss Van, Lady Aiko, Tristan Eaton, Buff Monster, and Bordalo II, this open-air street art haven became a monumental part of the local artistic landscape. Wynwood Walls regularly holds guided tours, so we recommend stopping by when you visit Miami.

Wynwood: A Haven of Miami Street Art You Absolutely Must Visit

The Museum of Graffiti

Located in the same neighborhood as Wynwood Walls, the Museum of Graffiti is another must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the authentic culture of Miami and learn more about its history and development. The institution exhibits works by thousands of street artists and hosts educational events, keeping the legacy of Miami street art alive and thriving. With outdoor and indoor exhibitions and a sizeable gift store with high-quality limited-edition merchandise, the Museum is a perfect spot to visit on your trip to Miami.

One thing about Wynwood is that you will see street art wherever you go. Whether you go on an unstructured walk around the neighborhood or book a guided tour with Wynwood Art Walk, you are bound to enjoy your experience.