Banksy Painting “Love Is in the Air” Has Been Cut into 10,000 Pieces

Banksy Painting “Love Is in the Air” Has Been Cut into 10,000 Pieces
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The artworld is always evolving, and there is a never-ending appetite for development. Even street art, a relatively young art movement, is now at the epicenter of innovation. As you might have already heard, Banksy painting “Love Is in the Air” was cut into 10,000 separate NFT pieces to be sold online. One of the most famous Banksy artworks was fractionated by Particle, a team of leading figures in the world of blockchain, art, and technology. The initial sale had to begin on January 10 and would last through today, January 14.

Banksy painting “Love Is in the Air” has been cut into 10,000 pieces

To start with, it pays to know what NFT is and what the crypto art market is all about. Surprisingly enough, NFT art became the breakthrough of the previous year. No one expected it to become so successful and widespread in such a short period of time. However, there is no overwhelming approval of the majority. Some people like the idea and use it to make money on it, while others reject it and are skeptical about the new notion.

NFT is a non-fungible token. In other words, a digital piece of any form of information, be it a song or a painting. As you now understand, Banksy painting “Love Is in the Air” was transformed into a lot of small NFT pieces. Segmented squares of one of the most iconic Banksy murals will be sold online for about $1,500 each. It is worth mentioning that pieces are distributed randomly, so potential owners cannot choose what part of a painting they want. The sales are coming to an end today.

In the space of a month, Banksy painting has been turned into 10,000 NFTs and put up for sale. The beginning of 2022 is exciting, isn’t it? It is hard to imagine what is waiting for street art ahead.