Banksy and Rob Del Naja: Are They the Same Person?

Rob Del Naja
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Ilpipita / CC BY-SA 4.0

Banksy is arguably one of the most mysterious contemporary artists. Guessing the true identity of the British graffiti legend has become one of the most satisfying hobbies for millions of people. While some question the very existence of the urban hero, others literally idealize and deify him. There are plenty of rumors and gossips about who Banksy is, but the truth is yet to be told. Recently, we have highlighted the connection between Banksy and Robin Gunningham. Now, it is time to look at the figure of Rob Del Naja, the frontman of the popular English electronic band Massive Attack.

Many theorize that Banksy and Robert are the same people, but is it true? Let’s check the facts. To start with, who is Rob Del Naja? It all started with DJ Goldie calling Banksy “Robert” during one of the interviews. What was it? A slip of the tongue, prank, or something else? The words of the famous rapper have caused a serious stir. But what does this name refer to in this situation in particular? Well, there are certain similarities powering the fan theories.

Banksy and Rob Del Naja: are they the same person?

First and foremost, both were born in Bristol, England. Second, both share the same or similar, to say the least, painting style. The thing is that Robert is a 3D artist, so he does know how to wield artistic instruments. One look at their art is enough to say for sure that they share something identical.

Some fans even drew a comparison between the emergence of Banksy murals and the official concert dates of the band. Last but not least, one Banksy art project, “The Walled Off Hotel” in Bethlehem, was featuring Massive Attack’s song, which was an ingenious bait.

After all these facts, can we be sure that Banksy and Rob Del Naja are the same people? Very unlikely. It remains a mystery that we will maybe unravel in the future.