Banksy Street Art: What Is the Secret of Its Popularity?

Banksy Street Art

Banksy street art has been captivating people’s minds for years. It is described as revolutionary and controversial. His art is what clearly reflects society’s problems. But is it what really makes Banksy street art so trendy? Let’s find out.

Banksy: who is this renowned street artist?

For years, Banksy’s identity has remained a mystery. The artist is claimed to be from Britain. No one knows for sure when and where he was born or where he lives now. Banksy prefers keeping everything a secret, which makes him and his street art even more fascinating and provokes various conspiracy theories at the same time. A handful of interviews that he gave were conducted via e-mail or recorded on tape in an altered voice. Banksy clearly wants to remain anonymous, and we should respect that.

Banksy street art: what makes it so attractive?

It is believed that Banksy’s technique was inspired by a French graffiti artist known as Blek le Rat. Most likely, Banksy was sparked by both his political message and his usage of stencils. Stencils now help Banksy create his comprehensive street murals thick and fast.

Banksy’s artwork is considered to be restless and questionable. The artist brings up lots of political and social issues in his works, which is one of the reasons why Banksy street art is also seen as vandalism and sometimes even gets painted over. Anyway, no matter how controversial his art might be, Banksy is making a difference by pointing out issues and drawing people’s attention to them. It is difficult not to agree with the words of the art director of London’s Maddox Gallery, who said that Banksy speaks for a generation.

Banksy’s artistic efforts continue to expand his horizons. His artworks have already appeared in different countries around the world, including Australia, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Jamaica, and Israel, and most of them are now protected with plastic screens for safety.