Three Cool 3D Street Art Pieces That Will Blow Your Mind

Three Cool 3D Street Art Pieces That Will Blow Your Mind

Careful, a hole! Just kidding, it is a drawing. Have you ever walked down the street and saw something so mind-boggling that you had to stop and take a closer look? This is exactly what 3D street art is trying to achieve. This art form entails creating an illusion to trick the audience into thinking it is real and showcase the artist’s skills. Here are five examples of cool illusion street art that will blow your mind.

Three Cool 3D Street Art Pieces That Will Blow Your Mind

Banksy, Morning is Broken

The most famous street artist in the world is known to use illusion in his work. 3D street art by Banksy often appears on the walls of buildings, which the artist masterfully plays into by offering his own interpretation of the space. His latest piece titled Morning is Broken is a great example of a clever incorporation of the already existing environment into a work of art. It depicts a black silhouette of a boy standing in the paint-covered window and drawing the iron curtains, welcoming the morning sun.

Dan Witz, Do Not Enter

Dan Witz, an internationally renowned artist who is often referred to as the “godfather” of street art, has created a lot of interesting optical illusions since the 2000s. His style is much more realistic in comparison to that of Banksy who mostly uses stencils and black and white paint to make his art. Witz is most well-known for his road sign art portraying people behind grids. In his piece titled Do Not Enter, hands that do not look entirely human are grabbing the stop bar on the sign.

Cayetano Ferrer, City of Chicago

If you are looking for an incredible one-of-a-kind example of 3D street art, you have to check out works by Cayetano Ferrer. His City of Chicago series is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Instead of paint, this artist uses stickers as his primary medium. Ferrer takes photos of objects he finds on the streets, makes semi-transparent stickers of them, and uses perspective and volume to create hyper-realistic illusions that will make anyone doubt their eyesight.

Making 3D street art requires a lot of skill and creativity. Now that you know how amazing illusion art is, it is time to go outside and look for it in your city. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon some real masterpieces.