The War Against Idiocracy: How Banksy Famous Art Becomes a Weapon

The War Against Idiocracy: How Banksy Famous Art Becomes a Weapon
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From the get-go, Banksy art was pierced with sharp and heavy criticism of human society. His powerful artworks are full of dark political humor and satire that together deliver a message to every viewer. Among all human vices, war has always been the most despised topic for Banksy. As a result, the street artist created dozens of works to show how stupid, absurd, and meaningless wars are. With time, his war against idiocracy—which is the main drive of mayhem and violence—became a global trend, and Banksy famous art itself became a weapon.

The war against idiocracy: how Banksy famous art becomes a weapon

“Stop and Search,” “Bomb Hugger,” “Napalm Girl,” and “Unwanted Interference” are just some of the artworks that Banksy devoted to the gruesome topic. There are many more disturbing murals featuring children as the biggest victims of such a terrible act of inhumanity. By the way, the image of the child in Banksy art is usually seen as the image of a victim. Wars steal the most precious thing that a human being can have — life. Banksy understands it, and that’s why Banksy famous art is unapologetically anti-war.

Isn’t it curious how street art, once an act of vandalism, is now against vandalism in the minds and hearts of people? “Let’s be kinder to one another” will be a great motto to describe original Banksy art. Sympathy and compassion can become a cure against widespread violence that takes the lives of millions of people every year. Of course, one person cannot change the world, and yet his art sow seeds of hope and righteousness that might well sprout in the days to come.

When you tell your friends about Banksy famous art, you become a warrior like Banksy. Your war against idiocracy begins when you accept the reality and start changing it to make it better.