How Original Banksy Art Makes You a Kinder Person

How Original Banksy Art Makes You a Kinder Person
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Yesterday, on November 25, the United States and Canada, as well as other countries, celebrated Thanksgiving Day, probably one of the most beloved family holidays of the year. One of the ideas of the celebration is sharing gratitude with people you value and love. No one would argue that doing kindness is one of the ways to demonstrate how thankful you are to others. But what makes people kind in the first place? Let’s try to look into the matter from an unusual angle and see how original Banksy art can actually make you a kinder person.

How original Banksy art makes you a kinder person

Banksy is a modern-day rebel. His controversial art stirs up the public, while every his new mural painting becomes the main focus of media. It is no secret that Banksy’s art aims to engage political themes and satirically critique the hypocrisy, greed, and stupidity of contemporary society. But what is the initial purpose of his street art? Is it a criticism without a solution?

What if original Banksy art has a more pragmatic purpose than the majority of people think? Most of his artworks disclose different problems by criticizing responsible people, be they politicians or ordinary citizens. It is fair to assume that by showing the negative sides of life, Banksy tries to motivate people to change themselves or those accountable for their well-being. Communication problems, greediness, corruption, and war are fundamental matters of kindness and sympathy. With his art, Banksy asks the question, “Why can’t people become kinder to each other?” No matter what political movements you support, it is important to find common ground with one another.

Original Banksy art is not only about mocking but also about being more compassionate and thus kind. The next time you see Banksy artworks, try to analyze how they influence you and what changes they call for.