5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Banksy Most Famous Art

Banksy Most Famous Art

Banksy art is iconic, but only some of his works become internationally popular and go mainstream. Truth be told, the majority of people have heard about Banksy because of the controversial nature of everything he does and says. Even his identity, which is often confused with Rob Del Naja and other public figures, makes his name more available for speculation. If you want to dig deeper into Banksy’s philosophy, you have to start avoiding Banksy most famous art. Here is why!

5 reasons why you shouldn’t focus on Banksy most famous art

1. It provides you with context

When it comes to Banksy, context is everything. Whether it is politics, people issues, or social injustices, you need to see the whole picture, not only the most loved part of it.

2. It makes you more aware

Raising awareness is one of the basic functions of Banksy art. That is why focusing on Banksy most famous art is a bad idea. Instead, take a look at his other works. You will be impressed by how much the elusive artist wants to show you.

3. Banksy artworks are sometimes cross-referential

There are many leitmotivs in Banksy street art. Some of them are pretty obvious, while others are more concealed. Take, for example, rats. They are but an integral symbol that many people ignore — what a pity!

4. Banksy is not about street art only

Much to people’s surprise, Banksy is also a painter, sculptor, and director. Moreover, the most expensive Banksy artworks are paintings. You lose much if you pay attention solely to his street art.

5. You cut yourself off from mainstream

Whether mainstream is a bad thing is open to debate. In this case, however, it is highly counterproductive because you unintentionally ignore many masterpieces by the graffiti master.

Once you understand that Banksy most famous art is but the tip of the iceberg, you will start enjoying his art even more.