Pest Control: The Only Way to Authenticate Banksy Prints

Pest Control: The Only Way to Authenticate Banksy Prints

These days, Banksy artworks are everywhere. The widespread and increasing popularity of the England-based street artist is immense indeed. An enormous number of fans are buying Banksy merchandise, while art collectors are trying to buy and sell as many Banksy prints as possible. Now, let’s hold on for a minute. What do they purchase and resell in particular? Are those prints even authentic?

There is no great mystery here: there is only a tiny chance that you encounter an original piece of art by Banksy when looking for his works. The situation is so complicated primarily because of the anonymity of the artist, which makes official interaction almost impossible. However, if you want to know what exactly you buy, there is one and only one body authorized to authenticate Banksy prints. It is Pest Control, the official legal guardian for Banksy.

Pest Control: the only way to authenticate Banksy prints

Pest Control exists for a good reason. Because of Banksy’s considerable international fame, many started to capitalize on his name, deceiving people by selling them unoriginal Banksy prints, paintings, and whatnot. However, the only way to verify the authenticity of Banksy works is through Pest Control. How does it work?

Pest Control comes across as the only official representative of Banksy in society. They keep all the detailed records of the works and play the role of a bridge between the elusive artist and his fans. They do know what Banksy’s artworks are on view and whether the current or ongoing exhibition will feature some new or original pieces by Banksy.

If you want to buy a Banksy, Pest Control is the best place to start since even galleries may not offer you 100% authentic pieces. Moreover, you will get a certificate of authenticity, a document claiming that you deal with genuine art. So, whether you need some consultancy or you want to buy Banksy original stuff, do not hesitate to contact Pest Control and ask any questions.