War in Ukraine, a Real Subject of a Banksy New Painting

War in Ukraine, a Real Subject of a Banksy New Painting

Banksy criticizes wars, but when the war becomes a new reality, it is a tragedy that even the most talented artist cannot reproduce through their art. Hard as it may be to believe, the street artist now has a new subject for his anti-war art — war in Ukraine. Hard as it may sound, it is a real subject for a Banksy new painting.

War in Ukraine, a real subject of a Banksy new painting

There is nothing more hideous and absurd than war because its price is incomparably high. Its price is human life. When Vladimir Putin started a war, he committed a horrible crime that would make him a criminal. Because of his decisions, millions of people must live in bomb shelters, and many more will never see the sunlight. Every civilized country criticized the actions of the Russian Federation and urged it to stop the bloodshed on Ukrainian lands.

Banksy uses art to show how horrible wars are. His street murals are a protest against violence, but something in human nature never changes. What is happening now in Ukraine is not a nightmare, it is a reality that people of the 21st-people need to realize.

The reality is that kind words and art are the products of time, but even a would-be Banksy new painting cannot replace the real help that every person can provide to Ukrainians. If you are willing to support Ukraine, its army, citizens, or refugees, you need to use the following link: https://ukrainewar.carrd.co

We must stop this war together. The whole world should say no to the horrific war in peaceful Ukraine and make Russia accountable!