Banksy Instagram: An Anti-Establishment Art Gallery in Your Computer

Banksy Instagram
Photo credit: Banksy’s Instagram page/@banksy

If you follow Banksy on social media, you probably know that the Bristol-born mural painter is not really a very public person. Unlike his contemporary fellow artists, Banksy does not use the resources of the Internet to grab the attention of the audience. Instead, he intentionally avoids global online platforms and demonstratively gives preference to Instagram. But is there a particular reason why he is “not on Facebook, not on Twitter?” And what secret power does Banksy Instagram account hold? Let us get all this straightened out!

Banksy Instagram: an anti-establishment art gallery in your computer

Not many would remember how Banksy shared news and talked to his audience through YouTube and Twitter. That is how things were before 2011 when everything drastically changed.

One anonymous seller on eBay claimed to have information on the true identity of the street artist. He attempted to sell it for £1 million, but the auction was closed by eBay, despite receiving numerous offers. It was a major scandal that drew unwanted attention to Banksy’s identity. After the online incident, the graffiti artist completely went underground.

On October 1, 2013, the public witnessed the resurrection of Banksy on the Internet. This time, it was Instagram. Over the years, Banksy Instagram account has been serving as the first and official page dedicated to his paintings and murals. In some sense, it was an act of revenge and another protest against the “hoity-toity” world of contemporary art and its players, including auction houses, art museums, and art fairs.

It is a well-known fact that the viral street artist does not organize art events and share his pieces with galleries for art exhibitions. Instagram, however, has become his battlefield where he can freely share his art with the world and unite people to fight against the establishment and social injustice. As of today, Banksy Instagram account has almost 11 million followers — so great is Banksy’s influence. Go visit it now!