Love Is in the Bin: Banksy Sotheby’s Record Has Been Set in London

Banksy Sotheby’s
Photo credit: Banksy /

Banksy’s “Love Is in the Bin” is one of his most famous works ever created in his career so far. It was previously known as “Girl with Balloon,” but things changed in 2018 when Banksy successfully played a trick on art collectors and critics at Sotheby’s by shredding a part of his artwork in front of the audience. Today, on October 14, a new Banksy Sotheby’s record has been set. This time, the artwork was sold for £18,582,000, or 1,750% more than it was sold three years ago. Let’s take a closer look at such amazing news.
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5 Amazing Women Street Artists Like Banksy

artists like Banksy

Banksy is a phenomenal artist, but the world of street art would be an empty and boring place if there was only Banksy art in it. Fortunately, there are many more amazing mural painters who create artworks of outstanding quality. If you want to broaden your aesthetic horizons and find new street talents, you are in the right place. Below is the list of five remarkable women street artists like Banksy. An acquaintance with them and their art will definitely bring more light into your life.
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Why Is Real Banksy Just a Contemporary Myth?

Why Is Real Banksy Just a Contemporary Myth?
Photo credit: Banksy /

What if real Banksy doesn’t exist? Has such an idea ever crossed your mind? Given the popularity of the world-famous artist and its total anonymity, he resembles a ghost, a contemporary legend existing only in the heads of people. The only problem is that new murals cannot paint themselves.

Let’s set assumptions aside. Does Banksy’s identity really matter? The media meticulously analyzes every artist’s step, while many people—fans included—hope to catch the stencil painter red-handed. But does it make sense? Here is why the contemporary world of art doesn’t need to know Banksy’s real name and why his anonymity is actually a fairly positive thing?
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Why Are Banksy Art Prices Continuously Going Up?

Why Are Banksy Art Prices Continuously Going Up?

Not only is Banksy wanted but also his art. According to recent statistics, the price for prints by a famous street artist has increased by 1027% in the last ten years. While in 2011, the average Banksy piece was worth approximately £5,000, its price was roughly £56,000 last year. Furthermore, Banksy art prices are going up non-stop. What makes Banksy artworks so valuable, and is there any strategy involved? Let’s analyze.

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Banksy Robot Art: Futuristic Art in Disguise

Banksy robot
Photo credit: Banksy’s Instagram page/@banksy

Banksy wouldn’t be Banksy if his street art was contextually empty and semantically straightforward. Most, if not all, of his murals promote a certain message and hence are ideologically charged. Sometimes, the image refers to politics, and sometimes, it is an appeal to society. To convey ideas, the street artist uses certain symbols in the shape of different things. You must have noticed the abundance of rats in street art by Banksy, but there is one more element to consider — robots. Banksy robot art is not a frequent occurrence, but it is important for the perception of his work.

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