Love Is in the Bin: The First Self-Shredded Artwork in History

Love Is in the Bin
Photo credit: Banksy’s Instagram page/@banksy

Just mentioning the name of this artist makes everyone wonder what else mind-boggling he has done or is up to. Banksy is more than just an artist. He has an incredible talent to wow, fascinate, and delight. On October 5, 2018, something unbelievable happened, as Banksy’s original artwork “Girl with Balloon” got self-shredded right after being sold at an auction for £1,042,000. The resulting artwork was later renamed “Love Is in the Bin.”

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Dismaland — The Most Large-Scale Art Project by Banksy

Dismaland — The Most Large-Scale Art Project by Banksy

Dismaland was opened on August 21 and closed on September 27, 2015, after 36 days of work. It represented a temporary art project initiated by the anonymous street artist Banksy, who is known worldwide for his unique style and the usage of social and political themes in his artworks, in the seaside resort in Somerset, England. The exhibition was installed on the territory of the former Lido, and its preparation was not disclosed to the public.

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Banksy Street Art: What Is the Secret of Its Popularity?

Banksy Street Art

Banksy street art has been captivating people’s minds for years. It is described as revolutionary and controversial. His art is what clearly reflects society’s problems. But is it what really makes Banksy street art so trendy? Let’s find out.

Banksy: who is this renowned street artist?

For years, Banksy’s identity has remained a mystery. The artist is claimed to be from Britain. No one knows for sure when and where he was born or where he lives now. Banksy prefers keeping everything a secret, which makes him and his street art even more fascinating and provokes various conspiracy theories at the same time. A handful of interviews that he gave were conducted via e-mail or recorded on tape in an altered voice. Banksy clearly wants to remain anonymous, and we should respect that.

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Banksy Is… Art under a Pseudonym

Banksy Is… Art under a Pseudonym
Photo credit: Banksy /

Banksy is the world’s most successful street artist. But who is hiding behind this pseudonym? The Rosenhang Museum in Weilburg, Germany tried to get to the bottom of the phenomenon.

Who is Banksy? This question is not at all new. Banksy is believed to be a male, but this elusive artist can still appear to be a woman or even a collective of artists. Despite some supposedly known biographical information about the origin and age of Banksy, with some degree of certainty, we can only talk about his creations. For example, 25 of his works were presented at an exhibition at the Rosenhang Museum, titled “Who the fuck is Banksy?” The exhibit was on view from September 25, 2020 to February 15, 2021.

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Tragic Innocence: The Image of the Child in Banksy Art

The Image of the Child in Banksy Art
Photo credit: Banksy /

Banksy art is full of refined and subtle symbolism. His poignant imagery not only flabbergasts a viewer but also poses questions, usually rhetorical ones. If you look closer at the world that Banksy depicts in his street murals, you may notice an array of patterns repeated from one artwork to another. For example, that is the focus on police officers or Banksy rats, a popular leitmotif in his street art. Today, we want to draw your attention to another no less crucial image, the image of the child in the work of Banksy.

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